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Oil Bearings N 2759 B Manufacturer - China

price: 1.00 Dollar US$

Other Popular Item List of Oil Bearings:
New Item No. Old Item No.
NU2148X3 M/C9 32848HU
23176CAQ4/C9W33 3003776QU1Y
NFP 6/723.795 Q4/C9 229/723QU
NNAL 6/209.55/W33X 154942
NU 3238X2 M 32738H
23256 CAK/W33 3153256H
NUP 6/558.8 Q4 929/558.8QK
NNAL 6/158.75 Q4/W33X 154932QU
24036CA/C3W33 3G4053136H
HM256849/HM256810/C9 97960U1
NFP 6/596.9/C9-1 228/596.9QU1
NNAL6/174.625-2 Q/C9W33YA 154835QUIK
24040/C3W33 3G4003140Y
3506/333.375/C9-1 97967U1
NFP 6/647.7 Q/P69-1 E228/647.7QU1
NNAL 6/180.975 Q/P69-1W33XYA E154936QU1
23144CA/P63W33 3E3053744H
3506/368.249/P6C9-1 E97974U1
NFP 38/666.75X3 Q/P69 E228/666.75QU
NNAL 6/187.325 Q/P69W33YA E154937QUK
24052 CA/C3W33 3G4053152H
3506/381/C9 97976UK
NFP 6/723.795 Q4/C9-1 229/723QU1
NNAL 6/209.55 Q4/C9W33X 154942QU
23156/P63W33 3E3003756Y
3506/409.575/P69 E97982U
NUP 6/812.8 Q/P69 E929/812.8QU
NNAL 6/228.6 Q4/P69W33X E154846QU
NU 3052/C9 3032152U
24072/W33 4003172Y
NUP 6/838.2 Q/P69 E929/838.2QU
NNAL 6/256.184 Q/C9YA 254951QU
NU 3040X3 ER/C9 32840EU
24056 CA/C9W33 4053156HU
NUP 6/558.8 Q4/C9 929/558.8QU1
NNAL 6/177.8-2 Q4/C9W33XYA 254936QU1
NU 3044X3 ER/C9 32844EU
23160 CAIC9W33 3053760HU
NUP 6/711.2 Q/P69YB E928/711.2QUY
NNAL 6/206.375 Q4/C9W33 254941QU2K
NU 3220 M/P69 E3032220HU
23224 CAK/C3W33 3G3153224H
NFP 6/292.1 M/P69W33 E22958HUK
NNAL 6/69.85 M/C5W33XYA 5G254914HK
NU 2344 M/C9YA4  
23564 CA/C9W33 3003264UY
NUP 6/840/C9 929/840U
NU 2324 EM/C9  
NU2344 M/C9YA4 32644U
23160/C9W33 3003760UY
NUP 19/710/C9W33 10929/710U
NU 2322 EM/C9  
NU 2336 M/C9YA4 32636HU
23156/C9W33 3003756UY
NUP 19/630/C9 10929/630U
NU 2320 M/C9 32620HU
NU2324 EM/C9 32624HU
22248 CA/C9W33 53548HU
NUP 29/530/CNP 20929/530U
NU 2314 M 32614H
NU2322 EM/C9 32622U
22240 CA/C3W33 3G53540H
NUP 2992 2092992
NU 2312 E 32612E
NJ 6/203.2 M/C9W33 42941HUK
NU 6/341.3 M 32948H
NU 6/266.6 Q4/C9YB4 CG329/266.6QUY
NU 6/292.1 M/C9W33YA 32958HUK
NFP 6/292.1 M/C9W33.YA 22958HUK1
NU 6/358.775 Q4/C9YB4 CG329/358.775.QUY
NFP 6/393.7 M/C3W33 3G229/393.7HK
NUP 6/393.7 Q/C9W33YA 92979QUK
NUP 6/393.7 M/C9W33YA 92979HUK
NFP 6/393.7 AQ/HCC9W33 2297SQUY
NF 6/406.362 Q/HCP69W33YA E12981SQUK
N 6/406.362 Q/P69W33 E2981QUK
N 6/406.362M/C9W33YA 22981HUK
NUP 1892 Q/C9 1092892QU
NUP 6/469.9 Q4 929/469.9Q
NUP 6/508 Q4NUP 929/508Q
6/546.1 Q4/C9 929/546.1QU
NFP 6/558.8 Q4/C9 228/558.8QU
NUP 6/571.5 Q4 929/571.5Q
NFP 6/596.9Q4/C9 228/596.9QU
NUP 6/596.9 Q4/C9 929/596.9QU
NUP 6/666.75 Q4/C9 929/666.75QU
NUP 6/673.1 Q4 929/673.1Q
NUP 6/673.1 Q4/YA 929/673.1QK
NUP 6/711.2 Q4 929/711.2Q
NUP 6/762 Q/C9 929/762QU
NU 3228X2 M/C9 32828U
23138 CA/C3W33 3G3053738H
NUP 464779 Q4/C9YA4 92984QU
NNAL 6/101.6 Q4/C5W33XYA2 5G354920Q
NU 3036X2 M/C4 4G32836H
23148/C3W33 3G3003748Y
NUP464775 Q4/C9YA4 928/508QU
NNAL 6/177.8-1 Q4/C5W33XYA2 5G254735Q
NU 3040X3 M/C4 4G32840H
NUP 464744 Q4/C9 929/558.8QU
NNAL 6/177.8-2 Q4/C5W33XYA2 5G254936Q
NU 3044X3 M/C4  
24060 CA/C3W33 3G4053160H
NUP 464776 Q4/C9YA4 928/660.4QU
NU 3044X3 MC4 4G32844H
23160/C3W33 3G3003760Y
NUP 464777 Q4/C9YA4 929/660.4QU
NNAL 6/206.375 Q4/W33XYA2 254941QU
NU 3152 M/C4 C4G3032752H
23172 CA/C9W33 3053772HU
NUP19/800X2 Q4/C9 10929/800QU
NNAL 6/230 Q4/C4YA2 4G154946Q
NU3036X2 M/C9-1 CG32836HU1
24056 CA/C3W33 3G4053156H
23136/W33 3003736Y
352960X2 97860U
NFP 38/600X2 Q4 228/600Q
NNAL 635 Q4/C9W33X 354935Q
23140/W33 3003740Y
352064X2 2097164
NFP 38/630 Q4  
NAL 4034/C9 4104134U
NU 3040X3 M/C9 CG32840HU
24064 CA/W33 4053164H
NFP38/630 Q4 30228/630Q
NAL 6034X2 M/C9W33X 154734HU
23144CA/W33 3003744Y
352072X2/C9 207172U
NFP38/666.75X3 Q4  
NAL 4036/C9 4104136U
NU 3044X3 M/C91 32844HU
24072CA/W33 4056172H
NFP 38./666.75X3 Q4 228/666.75Q
NNAL 6036X2-2 M/C9W33X CG154836HU

Products Categories we can supply:
Oil bearings
Reducer bearings
Hydraulic pump bearing
Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Tapered Roller Bearings
Spherical Roller Bearings
Thrust Roller Bearings
Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Angular contact ball bearings
Thrust ball bearings

Our Strength:
1) Wide products range : Until now, we have hundreds of thousands of bearing models (EOE), thus enabling us to be one of the largest Bearing manufacturer.
2) Large stocks : We have many item number in stock, so we can delivery to you at once at your request . If need stock list, feel free to contact me .
3) Good quality and reasonable price : Most our customer buy our products to replace Timken/ SKF/ FAG in many field(Such as Oil field, Railway, Hydraulic pump, Mining etc… ), Our quality process includes traceability for each workorder that goes back more than 15 years so we can trace the material characteristics, the inspection and even who processed the unit at each step of manufacturing, so be sure about our quality.
4) Rich experienced team : We own 22 skilled technicians and more than 200 workers, so we can satisfy with your requirement.
5) Strong Ability of R&D Non-Standard and Special Bearings.

Company Contact:

  • Phone: +8618221676680

  • Address: No.149, Huaihe Middle Road, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, PRC, Dalian, Liaoning, China

  • Email: Email

Published date: November 3, 2016 -

  • Business Description: Dalian EOE Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional bearing manufacturing enterprise integrating design R&D and manufacture of general bearings and non-standard bearings established and invested by American EOE in China. EOE has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification and ISO14001:2004 environment manage system authentication, thus forming a complete mechanism of quality guarantee, follow-up and continuous improvement. TQC total quality management working mode adopted, coupled with comprehensive quality testing means, test instrument and standards, the product quality of the company takes a leading position in the industry. EOE always adheres to quality principles of “Make Perfection More Perfect; Quality First; A Product Will Be a 100% Waste If 0.01% Problem Occurs!”, and strives to keep up the pace with world famous bearing enterprises in the aspects of raw materials, appearance, precision and service life. No matter it is in Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East or South Africa, EOE enjoys favorable reputation. EOE not only produces standard bearings, but also designs, develops and customizes individualized products for large bearing users. Meeting users' most demanding requirements of non-standard products is EOE's strong point.

    Products range: Deep groove ball bearings, Cylindrical roller bearings, Spherical roller bearings, Tapered roller bearings, Thrust roller bearings, Angular contact ball bearings, Thrust ball bearings, Oil mechanical bearings, Railway locomotive bearings, Reducer bearings, Hydraulic pump bearings, Truck wheel bearings, Rolling mill bearings, Split bearing, Precision machine tool bearings and a series of Metric-inch precision bearings.

    Size range: According to ISO standard and DIN standard, the bearing outside diameter is D=10mm~1400mm

    Applications include: oil, steel, railway, electricity, metallurgy, machine tools, automotive, chemical, textile machinery, industrial fans, lifting transport, industrial washing, engineering vehicles, mining machinery, construction machinery, agricultural development and other fields.

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